Coworker spotlight

August 20, 2011

Jane doesn’t miss a thing. She is from East Africa and her family had to flee from conflict and long story short, ended up in America. She works for us at the market and is wonderful. We’ve become fast friends. It helps that we are a part of the same church, like to laugh, and I am full of questions to which Jane has all the answers. Today I had to leave the market a little early and Jane and I were sad to part sooner than usual. We’ve begun carpooling and have got closing down to a science. We like our routine and it is sad when we have to “Make it work.”

So that’s all the nice, we’re friends stuff. The other stuff is that Jane thinks I am crazy. It may be because I tell her she wins employee of the day every day. Or it maybe because one day I told her that I needed a bunk-bed under the counter and demonstrated how nice it would be to nap under there. It think what really confirmed it for her was the time she caught me dancing in the market while I was drinking milk. All I can say in my defense was that I was happy, I liked the song and the milk was delicious, so why not dance? Jane walked in and burst out laughing, “You are dancing and drinking milk!? You crazy!”

So today began our weekend. We cheered up when we realized we would see each other at church on Sunday. I taught her how to hand hug, which she thought was silly and I laughed as I walked to my car. How fun work is! I know it is because of the people. We have a little too much fun “working.” The atmosphere there is just so fun and exciting, my kind of exciting.


Milk Drunk and Happy

August 7, 2011

Right now I have a lot of potential post in my head and it is funny what I have decided to post on here.

At this moment I am full.  Like I am so full!  And it is because I am in love with milk!  Ok so I told you I am working at the Urban Farms Market and we have a lot of great things there that are freakin delicious.  One of those things is Rock Springs Dairy milk.  At first I was mostly just excited because of the chocolate and strawberry milk, but then I got to bring home a quart of their whole milk.  YUMMY!  It was so good I almost drank the whole things that night.  I didn’t finish it, but did drink it up until I got pretty full.  Same thing happened tonight.  I drank milk until I couldn’t anymore cause it was so tasty.

Well that is sorta the inspiration for what I really wanted to write about.  Let’s just wander down my train of thought for a moment.  It went something like this…

Yummy, I love milk.  I wonder why I never liked milk this much before.  Oh!  I should set my mug of milk on my new coasters!  I love these coasters, I can’t wait to put them on my coffee table.  Oh coasters and my coffee table book!  Coffee tables, I can’t wait to move into my house so I can use my coffee tables!  House!  I can’t wait to invite people over!…

Them I started to laugh!  Today at church we were talking about spiritual gifts and how we as a body can encourage one another in our gifts and passions.  At lunch after we were all talking about it and Rachel and Lacey just laughed about how enthusiastic I can get about things.  It’s true, I can get pretty excited.  It wasn’t until I was drinking milk this evening that I really saw how my enthusiasm is really a huge part of me.  I think that is why I love Sue from SNL so much, I can relate.  I don’t jump out of windows to release that excitement, but I have felt the urge.  Most of the time I can contain it to a squeal.  Most of the time.

It is fun to be at this place where I have things to look forward to and prepare for.  A work to give myself to.  And a little excitement sprinkled over it all.  Now Im getting ready for bed content and giggly. May need to cool it on the milk in the future.

Enter: Transition

July 21, 2011

Ok, now you get some details…

First let me update you on my life.  These past three months I returned to TN, stayed with my family for a little while, visited a sweet friend in Wales, and joined up with the SOS Academy Interns to work at SOS 114.

In all of this I have been going through a sweet/hard/difficult/gracious/challenging time of seeking the Lord and being dependent on Him for all things.  Like food, shelter, vision, direction, answers, purpose, and joy.  It has been really hard.  I can look back and see that this stint in my journey began back in August of last year (really picking up in January) and in all of it I am able to see the Lord and His faithfulness!

So now, Answers!

First off, I have a career!  I have never had one before and am really excited.  I am going to be joining the BDC here in Memphis working at the Urban Farms Market.  This new endeavor will put me in the cross roads of refugees, at-risk communities, granolas, suburbs, country, mid-town, and all of the above here in the greater Memphis area.  I love this!  I love diversity and now I am plugged into an influential role bringing them all together.  And I get to put into practice all the experience and gifts I have and hopefully continue to grow in that.  This is a huge answer to prayer.

With this God has given me so much vision, more than I can handle!  My little dreamer/planner heart is going wild with potential and possibilities!

Right now I am finding myself walking a fine line between a tool and toy mentality, what displays that our home is eternal and that we are to be about His Kingdom now…  Lots of thoughts, lots of plans, and now a means to accomplish those.  With this answer to prayer, my new prayer is that this will not bring forth a spirit of independence, but an opportunity to be a blessing to my friends and neighbors.

So now I am finishing up camp in Orange Mound, getting ready to start working at the Urban Farm Market (more details on what that is and will look like soon), and becoming reestablished here in Memphis.


Things are Changing

July 14, 2011

Things are changing and right now I am bursting to tell you all about it!

But you will have to wait, right now I only have the beginnings of a great story, and want to give you more.

Let’s just start out by saying, my life is in a transition and my blog is changing focus in keeping with the theme of my life.

Enough of a teaser?

Get ready to eat!

Ramblings of a Jetlagger

April 27, 2011

I am home and am slowly getting over jetlag.

Funny things that have happened while being jetlagged…

Remembering how to drive on the right side of the road.  Seeing someone on the side of the street, thinking that said someone is wearing a head covering, and then at the double take realizing that it was a man with dreads.

I guess that is the only funny thing, because all the other things have to do with the funeral.  Trying to read and pray while head is swimming and you have been crying isn’t ideal or coherent for all listening.

One of my favorite stories happened right before I left.  We had a sleepover for all the girls at the center.  The sleepover is another story, but what is worth sharing is that one of the girls was dropped off by her boyfriend.  He came in to say hello and in S.E.A. you greet and everyone and if they are girls you kiss them on the cheek.  Well I was greeting everyone and when he came in I shook hands and gave him a kiss too.  I knew better than to do that!  After I kissed him on one cheek I realized how bad this was and all I could think was “Oh no! Oh no!”  I made a split second decision to pretend like this is normal and not to apologize and make a big deal out of it.  Thankfully he acted like it was normal too.

Coming Home

April 18, 2011

Well I am coming back to America.

It is a week earlier than originally planned.

It is really amazing how God worked everything out so that I could come home to be with my family.  It is really overwhelming going home this way, having to say goodbye in a hurry and go home in time to make it to my granddad’s funeral.  I am so thankful to be able to be there with my family, it just adds another element of sadness to leaving and coming home.

Be praying for me and my family right now and all the goodbyes being said.

We found this book just lying around acting all innocent on a table in the lounge of our English center.  The title alone was enough for us bulehs to pick it up and wonder.  Mostly we wondered were did this book come from and what the heck is it about.  So we read the back cover.

“It was a summer of love.  A summer of hate.  A summer that would last a lifetime.  The summer that Patty Bergen turns twelve (emphasis added) is a summer that will haunt her forever….”

12!!! That was enough to get us laughing and making all kinds of jokes about this book.  And make us upset.  What kind of book is this were a 12 year old girl falls in love with a german soldier?  A book that I would never let my children read.  So it has been the talk of the center for several days.  Until I decided to read it.

Always being a firm believer in “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”  I decided that I must be true to my mantra and find out what this book was all about.  Last night I finished it and it may the first time I say you should maybe at least take a second glance at the cover.  Or if the author, reconsider your editor.

It was one of the saddest books I have ever read.  This Jewish American girl who befriends an escaped German soldier and through their friendships exposes all the social ills of the WWII era.  That is my nut shell summery.  The statement I would use to express my true feelings on the book is, maybe I would be more concerned and care more about all the injustice taking place in the plot if the heroin wasn’t 12 and falling in love with a 20something MAN!  The most disturbing thing about the book is that their relationship was the least disturbing factor.  It was annoying, but all the layers of racial prejudice was the cherry on top.

What is even funnier or sadder (can’t decide which) was that after googling the book I found out it was pretty popular.  There was even a movie made about the book.  So I factored in the time it was published, 1973.  That made things a bit clearer.

Let’s concluded with this, “Ignorance is Bliss.”  This book made me a firm believer in another one of our well known expressions.  I wish that I hadn’t read it so that I could still laugh when I look at the cover.



This is a sign posted all over the center’s coffee bar area.  This little girl’s mom works at the center.  For hours each afternoon the students play with her, keep her out of trouble, and feed her their snacks.

She has stopped eating her dinner and has been getting a little fussy with all the sugar and MSG being put into her little body.  So we put up signs.  Telling student to stop feeding the baby.  Even when she makes that cute little pleading face.  (she comes up to you and puts her finger on her cheek and then reaches out with her other hand, it melts your heart.)

So we have stopped feeding the baby.  Now we have one sad healthy baby who wonders why none of her friends are sharing their snacks with her anymore.

Making mothers happy, all in a days work for this conversation specialist.

Rainy Season

April 1, 2011

I thought I would share a photo from my city and show you how fun rainy season is.

I also thought I would show you how I feel about this fun rainy season.

On top of all this I wish I had a photo of the road I had to drive through to get home yesterday.  I left my camera at home so I couldn’t capture the road turned swimming pool.  It was crazy.


I am just going to confess that I just sent out a prayer update and kind of like writing those more than updating my blog.  I am sorry that you get the leftovers.  But as a bonus you get photos.


In other news my minication was awesome!  We were able to relax (which was really needed after the getting there, which was nothing compared to the ordeal in getting back.  10hrs to go less than 200 km.)  What can be cooler than going to a volcano crater lake with an island the size of singapore inside of this huge crater lake?  Not a whole lot.  It was beautiful.  The company was also great, at least the girls I went with, not the other people who were staying at our cheap little homestay.

My sister has a countdown going for when I will be home.  24, that’s todays number.  And I am sad.  Only 24 more days.  And Tee got a job so I don’t get to see her as much anymore.  I wish I had known before I bought my plane ticket that I didn’t need to come back so soon. Hmmm….

Oh and as not to alarm anyone, I am fine, the flooding is not in my neighborhood.  Just please be praying for my neighbors here.


Tinted Windows

March 23, 2011

Sound track:  Florence and the Machine and Passion Pit (having a dance party in S.E.A.)

Number of minutes trying to think of some random detail to give you: 2, decided self promotion is not worth it.


I have a lot of “heavy” stuff I wanted to share with you when I was thinking about what I would write next.  Wanted to share a little bit on the effects of Japan here and maybe some other things.  Some deep stuff.

Then last night happened.

To start this story off right I need to explain that it is rainy season.  It has been raining a lot!  I love it cause it is cooler and I am not melting all the time.  It is not so fun when you are sitting on the back of a motorcycle getting thunder-stormed on.  Or when the power keeps going off and you can’t shower or are in the middle of the shower and don’t have any water to rinse off.  Mati Lampu= no fun rainy season.

So last night after work it was raining.  We were talking about going to get dinner.  I was tired and not quite up to it with it raining and the roads a little flooded.  Then I realized if I decide not to go spend time with them because of the rain, then I won’t be able to spend any time with them outside of classes before I leave.  It is going to continue raining, I can’t let that stop me.  So I decided YES!  I will go to dinner on the back of their motorcycle in the rain.

Well blessings came after I made this decision.  One of the girls was driving her sisters car.  I wouldn’t have to ride in the rain anyway!  I was so excited and quickly grabbed my bag and ran after her into the parking lot.  Well I had my hood up and was hunched over so I didn’t see which way she went.  Tee told me that her car was over there and so I head out of the gate and towards this car with very darkly tinted windows parked in front of the center.  I can see people in the car, I can’t see who they are, but the must be my friends so I open the door and stick my head in the back seat.

Not my friends, strangers.  I would have gotten into this car of strangers if the girls inside had not screamed.  I am glad they screamed first or I would have.  Instead reality hit me and I politely said, “Maaf, permissi dulu.” and hurried away.  Laughter erupted, from everyone, but especially from those girls I scared.  Why didn’t they lock the doors as they watched me coming towards them?  I found my friends car, same make and model, and was dry on my way to dinner.  Only here would this be funny and not terrifying.


In other news my mini-cation got postponed.  So updates on that when it happens.  If it doesn’t happen this weekend it will never happen. So pray that we are all able to go this weekend.  If one can’t go, nobody goes, we must all do everything together.